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Area Events

Presidio Brass presents "Sounds of the Cinema" featuring Hollywood's greatest hits at the Terrell ISD Performing Arts Center in Terrell on Tuesday, November 3rd, at 7:30 p.m.

The Butler Did It
Performances: August 21 (7:30pm), 22 (7:30pm), 23 (2:00pm) (regular seating)

August 28 (7:30pm), 29 (7:30pm) (Dinner Theatre* 6:30pm)

This comedy parodies every English mystery play ever written: but it has a decidedly American flair. Miss Maple, a dowager with a reputation for "clever" weekend parties, invites a group of detective writers to eerie Ravenswood Manor on Turkey Island where they are to impersonate their fictional characters. The hostess has arranged all sorts of amusing incidents: a mysterious voice on the radio, a menacing face at the window, a mad killer on the loose. Who is that body in the wine cellar anyway? Why do little figurines keep toppling from the mantle? Then a real murder takes place, and Miss Maple is outraged. She offers an immense reward to the "detective" who can bring the killer to justice. And what an assortment of zany would-be sleuths! When they're not busy tripping over clues, they trip over each other! Laughs collide with thrills, and the climax is a real seat-grabber as the true killer is unmasked, and almost everyone turns out to be someone else!

For reservations, call 903-873-8945

*Dinner theatre must be prepaid, no refunds

Web Site Now Open To Register
For Safe Room Rebate Program

The North Central Texas Council of Governments has an on-line waiting list for those interested in participating in the North Central Texas Safe Room Rebate program. This list is open to all 16 counties in the council's region. Kaufman County residents interested in participation should log on to, and provide name and address. Those without internet access may call 817-695-9235 and leave a voicemail including name, phone number, and address.

Public Webinar Now Archived
For County Resident's Review
The public webinar held earlier this year by the Kaufman County Emergency Management Office was recorded, according to Steve Howie, Emergency Management Coordinator for the county. Howie said it is posted in the emergency management section of the county's website, and requests residents view this as his office would appreciate input from the public on the hazard mitigation plan currently in development.

Stage 3 Water Restrictions Effective June 1st

A reminder stage 3 water restrictions went into effect June 1, 2013. an This action is aimed at reducing water usage by 10 percent. That decision was made at the April 25th board meeting of the North Texas Municipal Water District, and among other restrictions, it prohibits landscape watering between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Cities may also adopt more stringent restrictions, so be sure to check with your local municipal authorities to be sure you are in compliance.


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First Christian Church Octoberfest coming October 10th!
The Butler Did It at the Talent Box!
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